Why it is so difficult to find a job as a newcomer?

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Jobs for newcomers in Canada
Why it is so difficult to find a job as a new immigrant in Canada? 
Landing the perfect job as a newcomer in Canada can sometimes be very challenging and this issue has been a topic of discussion in every new immigrant looking for jobs in Canada. Let’s evaluate why? The organizations and companies always set out some pre-requisite rules which may not be suitable for every newcomer in Canada and most of the time the applicants ignore these prerequisites and keep applying for the jobs. This results in numerous applications with no results and which often closes doors to these organizations for good. When you are not landing a position, you may be confronted with tension and find yourself depleted, however, all this can change if the following points are kept in mind

  • Read the job requirements and responsibilities very carefully.
  • Our Job Portal offers thousands of newcomers jobs in Canada but applies only to the ones that are perfectly aligned with your previous experience.
  • Always customize your resume and cover letter to highlight the key matching job criteria.
  • As a new immigrant in Canada, you may want to get used to with the new work culture by offering yourself to the volunteer assignments.
  • Explore all your professional and personal resources to land your first newcomer job in Canada.
  • An interview doesn't mean hired, it's a step towards being hired, so go well prepared.
  • Research about the company and use that knowledge during the interview.
  • Most importantly, do not lose your heart and patience, eventually, everyone lands a job or becomes someone who can further provide jobs.