5 Secrets Those Recruiters Don’t Want You to Know

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Jobs for newcomers in Canada
Every job seeker especially new immigrants in Canada consider recruiters as one of the scariest creatures of the world. Well, they are not bad; it's just their job to select the best for the two applicants and the organization. The reason for choosing one applicant over another can be varied and it is really hard to identify on which factor they are working to select candidates.

Jobs for new immigrants in Canada has some secret that recruiter will never tell you. Recruiters use a very high-profile checklist which they use to select one candidate over another. 

So, here have a look at those secrets:

• Do not use a stock cover letter:
There is a high possibility that utilizing a stock cover letter can be your biggest mistake and the recruiter just sinks your resume without even reading. You might be thinking that cover letter is good and it looks proficient but, the recruiter has seen each stock introductory letter which is printed ever.

• A quick review of your CV or resume: 
 Candidates generally think the recruiter will read each and every line of the resume but, it is probably not going to happen except if your capabilities are not what they are looking for. They just spend a minute to look at the resume of the candidate and decide you are right for the position or not.

• No idea of job profile:  
The recruiter may not recognize what the duty of a job involves other than mentioned in the advertisement.  If you are having years of experience you can easily manipulate the recruiter while applying for the Jobs for new immigrants in Canada.

• Everything depends on your interview, not on the test:
There are many procedures involve in the recruitment process but, the test is not the real criteria to judge. Most of the thing depending on the performance of your interview. If you have excellent interviewing skills then, no one can refuse you to select. All you need is to give the sharp answer to questions in seconds.

• Demand right salary:
Salary is decided as per the job profile so, every candidate has the right to demand their salary as per their profile and experience. HR is open to negotiating but, they always start with the basic.  But, you should demand as per the type of job, training, and experience.
These are the secrets of recruiters which they never tell you but, now you are aware of these. So, remember this when you are searching for your next Jobs for new immigrants in Canada.