Prepare for a successful video interview for getting jobs for new immigrants in Canada

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Jobs for newcomers in Canada
In this digital world, as hiring becomes global and many employees work remotely, video interviews become very common. It is a quick way to conduct a first-round interview for hiring managers and recruiters. Here are some tips for a successful video interview for getting jobs for new immigrants in Canada.

• The practice of anything can make things perfect. It’s the first step to successfully go through the interview. Practice it before you conduct an interview so that you can aware of if there is any technical issue and solved it. And also you can build up your confidence level.

• Take thoroughly knowledge of how to use equipment if you have an interview at a company office or some new place. Ask any assistance for a quick overview of the equipment.

• If you are going to use your own laptop, do not forget to set up the camera and headset in advance.

• During practice, use the same video technology that you are going to use at the time of interview so you will not have any last-minute installation issues.

• Make sure that your camera should be at eye level and the sound devices work properly.

• Pay attention to the background and lighting. Select a plain wall as a background.

• On the day of the interview, dress up professionally as you are going to give a face to face interview.