7 Perks of Working In A Retail Industry That You Should Know

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Jobs for newcomers in Canada
Working in the retail world is fun. It is not because the job is non-technical but, you can get many benefits apart from this. A good connection, flexibility and lots of opportunities are attracting people towards the sector more. If you are looking for this kind of job then, Newcomer Jobs Canada can help you. But, first you need to know why this job is best to choose.

Here are 7 perks of working in the retail industry:

1] The working hours are very flexible:
Retail Industry is one of the best Jobs for new immigrants in Canada because of the flexible working hours. You can swap your shift according to your work. As well as, you are given extra time for your study and looking for the families.

2] You do not require any special skills:
A job where you do not need to put extra effort is best. And, this would be best for the new immigrants in Canada, If any new immigrants want to apply for the jobs then, they should try in retail. Even if your study background is not so strong then, you can also choose this to earn money.

3] You will get exponential growth:
This profession can help you to get growth throughout your career. This job has lots of potentials to reach you at the top of the world. There are many examples where people become the head of the senior management team from the bottom level.

4] Lots of jobs:
Like any other professions, it has lots of jobs. Retail is everywhere so you do not even require relocating yourself for a job. When other professions/jobs face a problem, the retail industry is likely to hire more candidates. You have more security in this job as any time you can work in any other department.

5] Discounts for employee: 
While working in this industry you can save lots of money as there are some additional discounts available for the employee. You can get the information about clearance sales first.

6] You can meet new people daily: 
This job is not boring at all. You can interact with new people daily and it comes naturally to you. And its great benefit for the new immigrants in Canada to meet the new people and increase you network. It would be the best career for you to start as it prepares you for the future world. If you are up on the latest trend then, there are several good opportunities waiting for you.

7] It has virtually unlimited sectors:
This profession will give you the luxury to choose the division where you want to work. There are many options available in the field such as fashion, food, technology, furniture, sports, buying, finance, merchandising and many more.

So, don’t miss the chance to do the job in the retail industry as a new immigrants in Canada as all these 7 points proved that it’s the best Jobs for new immigrants in Canada
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What is the best way to find a jobs for new immigrants in Canada?

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Jobs for newcomers in Canada
Canadian government planning to welcome more than 1 million new immigrants by end of 2021 and it's important to get good jobs for new immigrants in Canada.

Once you have settled down with your primary needs and understand the culture and people of Canada then you can start finding jobs.

Canadian experience doesn't relate only to your technical skills but the dissimilarity in the Canadian workplace is they give more importance on soft skills than technical skills. And it will be a challenging situation for you. You have to compete with the citizens for the position.

Keep your eyes open for other potential employers and opportunities as they come available, it’s better to apply for many positions that interest you than just applying to one or two.

Attend public seminars and lectures, free sessions abound on multiple topics everywhere. It might not important for you but it will increase your network.

When you are contacting companies, look at their website and think how you could fit in and contribute. When you write your introductory emails to them, make sure you mention that to get their attention. Also, this will help you consider whether that company would be a good fit for you.  

Find out Newcomer support centers in your area. Every major city has Newcomer support centers to support new immigrants. You will get many information regards to job and good guidance to write your resume too. 

Get some work experience in Canada or you should take some education over there. This will give you a great benefit to get a good job more easily over other immigrants.

You can do is to study about Canadian job environment and how to take an active approach to your job search strategy. So you should be clear for what the Canadian employer demands. And you can stand out from the crowd and beat the competition.

Choose the best province from where you get the job easily. Many people who are looking for jobs in Canada find excellent employment opportunities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, due to the ongoing shortage of skilled workers there. Additionally, these three Canadian provinces offer a high standard of living, yet tend to have a low cost of living which many Canadian residents find attractive.

At last, Thousands of job opening on Newcomers jobs for new immigrants in Canada, that will help you to start your career.  
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5 Secrets Those Recruiters Don’t Want You to Know

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Jobs for newcomers in Canada
Every job seeker especially new immigrants in Canada consider recruiters as one of the scariest creatures of the world. Well, they are not bad; it's just their job to select the best for the two applicants and the organization. The reason for choosing one applicant over another can be varied and it is really hard to identify on which factor they are working to select candidates.

Jobs for new immigrants in Canada has some secret that recruiter will never tell you. Recruiters use a very high-profile checklist which they use to select one candidate over another. 

So, here have a look at those secrets:

• Do not use a stock cover letter:
There is a high possibility that utilizing a stock cover letter can be your biggest mistake and the recruiter just sinks your resume without even reading. You might be thinking that cover letter is good and it looks proficient but, the recruiter has seen each stock introductory letter which is printed ever.

• A quick review of your CV or resume: 
 Candidates generally think the recruiter will read each and every line of the resume but, it is probably not going to happen except if your capabilities are not what they are looking for. They just spend a minute to look at the resume of the candidate and decide you are right for the position or not.

• No idea of job profile:  
The recruiter may not recognize what the duty of a job involves other than mentioned in the advertisement.  If you are having years of experience you can easily manipulate the recruiter while applying for the Jobs for new immigrants in Canada.

• Everything depends on your interview, not on the test:
There are many procedures involve in the recruitment process but, the test is not the real criteria to judge. Most of the thing depending on the performance of your interview. If you have excellent interviewing skills then, no one can refuse you to select. All you need is to give the sharp answer to questions in seconds.

• Demand right salary:
Salary is decided as per the job profile so, every candidate has the right to demand their salary as per their profile and experience. HR is open to negotiating but, they always start with the basic.  But, you should demand as per the type of job, training, and experience.
These are the secrets of recruiters which they never tell you but, now you are aware of these. So, remember this when you are searching for your next Jobs for new immigrants in Canada.
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